Blogging Mojo

Seem to have lost my blogging mojo. I read my old posts, some of them used to have dashes dry wit with sprinklings of crazy that made for fairly interesting readings.

Now a days it’s just complaining. Is that what happens in your 30s? No more adventure and awe? Just a big slap of reality.

I have written about being the last single person left and making friends with a possum, but even if I go back one year, I can’t find anything I wrote in a similar tone. Maybe I have lost my sense of humour. It’s this country I tell you, and the lifestyle here. It’s sucked my sense of amusement and motivation out of me.

The thing I look most forward to these days is sleep. Every morning when I wake up I do a quick calculation as to how many hours there are before I am in bed again. Is that sad?

P.S. I am still the last single person left and I am out of touch with thank possum, in case anyone was wondering.


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