Don’t engage with stupid 

Good advice given to me by a friend a long time ago, yet I ignored it. I just feel the need to explain my case and to understand other’s perspectives, but sometimes when you speak to those that are horribly disillusioned and close-minded, it just adds to your stress levels. You won’t understand or get through to them cause their world is really small, centred around themselves. They hide behind a misguided sense of morality (usually religious convictions) and use that to feel a sense of superiority when really they are just as (sometimes more) lost as the rest of us.

My issue stems from the assumption that everyone is open-minded and kind. For me I give the older generation a free pass when they are not as accepting, but people around my age, I tend to assume they are open-minded and happy to listen to (and respect) other’s views. That’s my problem. You live and you learn I guess. 

Key take away to constantly remind myself – don’t engage with stupid, you just invite toxicity into your life.


2 thoughts on “Don’t engage with stupid 

  1. I agree, there is a guy who I work with who is an idiot, and as soon as you acknowledge him or make eye contact he’s on you bringing in garbage and idiocy into your day. Stay as far away from it as possible. Great post! 😊

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