Semi solo: Japan

I just spent the last 2 weeks in Japan. The first week, with a friend I have never travelled with before, the following one alone. Have to admit, the first morning I was alone, in a country where the main language isn’t English, was a bit daunting. But after I navigated the public transport system (with the moral support of a friend over What’sApp :D) I felt a sense of accomplishment.

And I was fine for the most part. Until the next night when I crashed. Wasn’t over travelling solo, it was just a reality/realisation set in that this is my life. Travelling, eating, sleeping alone. That’s how it was going to be in future for me. But I suppose I get that loneliness low off and on. It could have happened when I was in Singapore.

Overall, aside from that. Travelling alone was pretty good. I could do what I wanted when I wanted, at the pace I wanted. That was good. I was in Japan though, a fairly safe country with nice people (not really in Tokyo, the other parts of Japan the people were amazing). So that helped greatly.

I tried to make friends with other travellers but that didn’t really go so well. Solo travellers aren’t friendly. And everyone else were travelling in couples. Only people I “made friends” with were mostly older couples. You know retirees travelling the world. Other solo travellers didn’t even respond to a smile. Maybe it’s just my face, I look suspicious maybe? I don’t know.

I didn’t really find travelling solo very empowering or anything like you see on online articles. I was just travel. Maybe a little indulgent, travelling alone, because as I mentioned earlier, you don’t have to consider anyone’s else’s preferences when doing anything. So that was good.

I can go on in more detail but I will stop for now and do a proper post on travelling Japan sometime this week.


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