Relearning to read

Reading is a stressful pastime. Well it’s not stressful when you are actually reading, it’s one of the best forms of escapism, for me anyway. It only becomes stressful when you tell people you like doing it, they start discussing Tolstoy or the latest Pulitzer winner and you’re like, “the latest Janet Evanovich book was hilarious”.

The problem with reading I had been having was not finishing books I started. The library has always been my source of books. And that was the problem. With work and life in the way I never had enough time to finish books before they were due. I know what you’re thinking, what life? She’s always complaining about the lack of a social life. Well watching brats pick out ugly outfits on Say Yes to the Dress on TLC takes time okay?

Anyway, I got a Kindle for my birthday, and I am back to reading and finishing stuff. yes I may have said I am against ebooks somewhere on this blog, but my position on this has drastically changed. It’s so pretty my little Kindle paperwhite. And light. It’s making me extra excited to go to Japan and have time to read on trains/buses, etc. Not on the flight though, cause my brain on planes (rhyme not intended), just cannot concentrate on anything longer than 20 mins.

I have a long Kindle wishlist as it is but does anyone have any recommendations?


2 thoughts on “Relearning to read

  1. I read a bit of everything! Everything from “Christian Romance” to Fantasy to “Mommy Porn” and back again. I loan out my ebooks all the time to friends :) I’m happy to share if you want to drop me an email and I’ll send you my book list :)

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