What is the point? 

I told myself that I have to blog. Its been a month and blogging is what typically makes me feel like me. But I am a bit out of it these days (evidenced by month long post drought).

So many things to post but just so little time, and mostly motivation to do it. There’s my Phuket trip where I learnt things I wish I could unlearn. The characters at work, I out played a guy today in front of HIS boss. Bitch chose the wrong day to mess with me. I don’t do mind games but if you really push me to play, make sure, really make sure, you know what you’re doing. There, The Block, my favourite reality TV show that is back in season. Okay that last one is not really post worthy but it’s like a highlight of my life these days. Sad, I know.

Last couple of days have been extra emo for me. But I am still thankful for them. One of my old friend’s (lives in a different country) popped up out of the woodwork again. He once told me that my blog (previous one, or maybe it was this one in early days, hmm…) was depressing, that he felt like killing himself after reading it. He’s a good emo buddy to discuss philosophical things like the point of life with. It does get depressing sometimes though.


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