Anyone who’s been reading this blog or has communicated with me recently knows the one thing I am really looking forward to, at this point is my trip to Phuket. And then what happens, some idiot(s) decide to set off bombs around Thailand, including 2 in Phuket. Why? Why is it hard not to kill/grievously maim fellow human beings? I just don’t get it.

Anyway now the 2 people I am going with are re-thinking the trip because of family pressuring them on safety. I basically told them (in a nice way), that I am going whether or not they are coming. Unless war breaks out in Phuket, nothing is coming in the way of me and my lounging by the beach/pool, cocktail in hand.

And here is where my gratitude comes in. My parents/family. While my 2 trip buddies are being guilt tripped into not going, my parents are happy to leave the decision to me. Here are the 2 conversations I had with both my parents at different times yesterday night (the one with mom translated from Tamil).

Conversation 1:

Mom: There were some attacks in Phuket. Which part of Thailand you going again?

Me: Phuket.

Mom: Are you still going to go?

Me: Yes.

End of conversation – though I know she’ll be doing some extra praying 

Conversation 2:

Dad: You bought travel insurance right? Can you cancel your trip?

Me: Yes.

Dad: Are you going to?

Me: No.

End of conversation

Reflecting on this, I felt really thankful that growing up my parents never let their fears for my sister and I stop us from doing what we want to do. After a certain point, they normally communicated their concerns to us but always let us make our own decisions/mistakes. But were always there when those mistakes blew up in our faces.

So thankful I don’t have parents that guilt-trip me as a 30 year old for my decisions.


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