Life update – 27 Jul 2016

It’s been a little crazy for me these last couple of weeks, work and healthwise. I suppose health has been more challenging. Nothing serious though (I think) just bloody hormones making it difficult for me to go about my day as per normal. They are also making me constantly tired for no proper reason. Need to schedule a thyroid test soon to rule that out (hopefully).

On the work front I seem to have become the relationship counsellor for the team. What a cruel twist by the world. Do you really think I want to be listening to your relationship problems like “he’s not normally my type at all but I gave him a chance. It’s not like I don’t have a lot of other offers”. Like how do you think you telling me about the hoard of men you have at your disposal makes my life better? Why do you think I care about your personal relationships? And I have 3 people now coming to me about their dating/love life. Why God, why?!

Not like I have been going around telling people how my hormones are reeking havoc on my body. Which would be more relevant actually because it may affect my work. Just because introverts are quiet doesn’t mean we like listening. Well we do, at least I do, but if it’s about the same thing 500 million times and it’s something I can’t really relate to, then it’s quite draining.

I think this one woman keeps telling me the same thing so that I will tell her what she wants to hear as opposed to what I think. Sorry dude, not going to happen. You made your bed, you lie in it, that’s my motto. I think I might elaborate on this in another post.

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