Office romance

There’s this guy in the office. Ever since I joined, I always noticed him glancing back at my cubicle. Well past my cubicle, more accurately at my colleague, J, who’s my back-up. I always thought, how nice to have someone sneak a glance at you when you’re not looking. It was quite sweet actually. But I never really asked them what was going on.

This week at work I noticed J was not herself. She’s was clearly very upset. I didn’t pry, but I did take on her work load, without her asking and even bought her a cupcake cause I figured she could use a pick me up. (Finishing up your work and buying you a cupcake. Am I not a dream work buddy? :D)

Anyway, J insisted on us meeting for dinner tonight. I wasn’t totally keen but figured, why the hell not. Tonight she poured out allow her relationship woes with glancey dude with me. As flattered as I am that she’s trusts me in less than 6 months of knowing me to pour her heart out to her, I started to wonder why people like doing that with me. Honestly despite chronic singledom, I have given so much relationship advice it doesn’t add up. It is a good thing though that I can provide a support and be a confidante to the people around me. Wonder when it’ll be my turn to receive the support though.

Anyway after a night of listening to her predicament and learning a bit more about the characters I work with, I realised a few things. Firstly, I give good advice. I need to listen to myself sometimes. Secondly, I don’t understand why people in committed marriages go seek out extra marital attention. Why? Here I am single, no one to love, would be happy to have someone to marry or be married. And there you are taking your husband for granted. People puzzle me.

A lot.


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