Beginning of the End

2016 is definitely the year of death. Be it celebrities or not, it hasn’t been so good for me at least. Oh well, I spent new years day trying to process an unexpected death, so what more should I have expected. It’s been a funeral every other month. Not great. Sad, cause I was really looking forward to this year and now half way through, I can’t wait for it to end.

2 people have told me it’s because the world is ending. One just in general, the other made biblical references to it. I figured that might have been their coping mechanism but starting to believe maybe there’s some truth to it. I guess if it’s true, I am pretty much prepared to meet my maker. I have been for a while. Have to admit though, kind of want to do a PhD before that. And attend a world cup. So God and the universe, if you could please hold out till that it would be great.

In other news, as I was sitting at my friend’s father’s wake tonight, when I realised that I need to stop overthinking things. Not sure how to though. I had worked myself up to a frenzy after hearing the news that my friends dad passed, wondering how she was doing, and if I should be doing anything. When I finally saw her, it was such a relief. She’s was really tired but coping well.

2016, death all around, but life goes on.


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