Can’t do stairs

Me and exercise haven’t had a great relationship. This has been evidenced by past experience such as the one that led to this post. This morning I decided I am going to kick start my morning, pre-work exercise again.

We I was doing it diligently for about 3-4 months, until I think sometime in May when my sleep timing went off and I couldn’t wake up at 5am for my 30 minutes of exercise. It used to consist of just cardio, but to kick-start my routine, I decided to try this simple body weight workout a friend brought to my attention. I was like, some basic body conditioning exercises, I can do this, 3 reps, no worries.

I woke up all excited to try this new routine. I barely completed 2 reps and I felt like killing myself. It was like God telling me, “chill fatty, here’s a reality check for you”. Not sure why, I have done these exercises before, maybe not is this sequence and not in quick succession. And also not right when I have woken up. Maybe that was why I had to spend 10 mins not trying to pass out after I was done.

I currently can’t walk, but I am going to try and do this again. I think this exercise would be best done after some cardio, so here’s my exercise plan (starting next week, this week I am going to stick to what I started today). I am putting it down here so that I have a log of this:

Tue: Body weight work-out

Wed: Cardio

Thu: Body weight work-out

Fri: Cardio

Sat: Cardio followed by body weight work-out

Sun: Rest (or maybe cardio only)

Mon: Rest day – definitely

I figure it makes more sense to have a confirmed rest day on a weekday. And I ideally want to reach a stage where I do cardio in the morning and the mini work out at night 3 times a week.

Lets try and aim to complete 3 reps first without issue and go from them.

Now excuse while I re-learn how to walk.


3 thoughts on “Can’t do stairs

  1. I used to try jogging before work. I’d get up early, jog, feel great for 2-3 hours, then completely crash.

    The 9-5 schedule does make it hard to exercise at the optimal time. On weekends I always felt truly ready to exercise a few hours after waking up. Alas.

    Good luck with your exercise routine. The body weight workout looks pretty legit.

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