Back to this point

I have had so many things to blog about. But lately I haven’t had the time. I haven’t even been able to catch up with my usual TV shows. No time yet I feel bored with life. How did this happen? And yesterday I went down the lonely spiral. Yes, again.

I all started with my back. I think I have pulled a muscle or something in it. Something just at my left shoulder blade. I must have pulled it either getting too excited when I was mopping the house  or helping my dad with his heavy luggage on Sunday night, as I was fine over the weekend. Yesterday at work it was another story. Standing/walking for the most part is okay. But if I need to go from sitting to standing or need to turn, that’s a different story.

Anyway, I pulled something in a very awkward spot. I can reach it, but I can’t really rub it or anything. Needed my mother to help me with some ointment on it. But it got me thinking at night (I couldn’t sleep anyway, couldn’t find a position that it didn’t hurt), what happens when I am older? When I can’t reach spots or need help with dress zips or even moving furniture I can’t carry myself? I will probably need more help as I get older but likely get more alone and have less avenue for it.

I have conquered doing things/activities alone but what about when I actually need help. Having a person? I won’t even be living geographically near my sister or cousin. I suppose I will find a way. What choice do I have?


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