Flat out

I am losing motivation to blog. Well actually I am losing steam in general. I am so sick of life. It started I think about a month ago. And I haven’t really been get myself out of this downward spiral, but I am trying. I am giving myself points for trying cause no one else really notices enough to give me anyway.

Well on the positive, I my Japan trip is falling into place. Flights booked, and hotel for my first stop booked too. Only thing is that it’s still about 6 months away. I need it to happen now.

I am in a weird zone where I feel alone yet I feel like I don’t get enough alone time. See this is why I need to move countries.

The state of the world is depressing.


3 thoughts on “Flat out

  1. You can get that motivation back. Look forward to small things you enjoy doing :) and try to insert them into your days… You don’t need a trip to Japan to be happy, but of course it will be like a reset button once you get to go. But it’s too far away. You need to be happy now and today and tomorrow :) you can do it! All the best!

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