Brain block

I had so many ideas that I had to get out on a blog post while on the way here but now I can’t think of anything it sucks. Life is going pretty okay. I am getting used to the loneliness. It’s not that bad. Well not that bad as long as I have the internet. Though I think nowadays I will be okay without it too.

I have Googled and researched my Japan trip. I found places to visit that include a Ninja Temple and a Hedgehog Cafe. Flights booked, hotels tentatively reserved, things to do 75-80% planned, money budgeted. All that is left for me is to get travel insurance and actually go. There are more than 6 months to the trip though. Seems like a very long way to go to October. But I can’t wait. Super excited yet part of me is nervous, I will be pretty much travelling alone in a country where I  don’t speak the language. By the way If anyone has any suggestions for things to do in Hokkaido, especially around Sapporo, please do let me know. I have 1 more day there with not much plans. And if anyone will be travelling to Japan in late October and wants to hang out please do let me know too :D.

In other news, life is pretty much the same, except I am a fat cow because I have been having trouble waking up for my morning exercise sessions. I woke up this morning though, hopefully I am sustain this. Maybe I should try the 21 day thingy. You know, do something 21 days straight so it becomes a habit. Hmm, 21 days of exercise first thing in the morning and oats for breakfast. Let’s do this. Only 20 more days to go.


4 thoughts on “Brain block

  1. Hedgehog cafe!!???!?!?!? Worth the trip for that alone! I haven’t planned anything this year……maybe next year. I’m hopeful I will go on exchange, but I really have no idea.

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