Like ripping a plaster off

Plaster, that’s what we call what is normally known as Band-aids. I had a “fuck it” moment yesterday where I was letting all my over thinking get to me. Thinking about life in general and travel plans for the year. I have been in a state of confusion of what I want to do and what I can afford to do and it had been stressing me out. In the end, I figured oh hell, I got to do something, so I booked flights to Japan. Yup, I am going to Japan.

Looking at Facebook & Instagram, I feel like the whole world is in Japan now. Feels a bit cliché going there now but everyone’s experience will be different. Plus will be my first solo or at least semi-solo trip. Does it freak me out having to travel alone in a country where I don’t speak the language? Yes it does. Very much actually. But getting out of your comfort zone, that’s what life is all about right?

I can’t let me crazy doomsday mind stop me from living life and pursuing passions, i.e. travelling. Even if life doesn’t feel all “together”, I shouldn’t stop moving forward. I got to throw myself into things I want to do or explore while having faith that everything will work out. “Enjoy the journey”, instead of stressing over it and focussing on the “destination”. I think I am finally getting the concept of that.

Patience and passions. Having patience while throwing yourself into your passions. That’s a pretty good way to live life. I got to start listening and applying my own mumbo jumbo to my life :D.



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