There is no such things as an extroverted introvert or introverted extrovert or the new term “ambi-vert”. If you identify with these you are an extrovert. Like for example the author of this article. He’s an extrovert that’s either in denial or trying to feel special by calling himself an extroverted introvert.

Introversion/extroversion is a single continuum. I am going Jung-ian here. There maybe other interpretations of the concept but I am going with the person that started in all, Carl Jung. Back to my point, you either fall on the side of introvert or extrovert. There’s no intersection, it’s not a bloody Venn diagram. Kind of like the pH scale. You are either an acid or akali/base. You can’t be an alkaline acid or vice versa. It just doesn’t make sense.

You might argue, “But Anita, the pH scale has water, that’s neutral, in the middle. So what about ambiverts?”. No, just no. Water, pH 7, is neutral. Key word, NEUTRAL. Ambiverts are said to have traits of of introversion and extroversion. So it would be akin to a cocktail of acid plus alkali, not a neutral substance. There’s no place for Ambiverts on that scale. I repeat, the concept of ambiverts doesn’t make sense.

If only we could carry around little pieces of paper and do a litmus test on people.


One thought on “Verted

  1. I fit many of those check boxes he throws out there..BUT i think it has more to do with being of a certain personality vs. being an ambi-vert. I am willing to overcome my introvert norm for the greater good. I may not even enjoy it, but will do it for a dear friend. I HATE large groups and small talk, i would much rather keep it to a group under 6 if at all possible. My sense of perfection often outweighs the introvert as well. i will suffer being the key contact person/leader if it means the project/job gets done right. but all of those things require a “leave me the heck alone, I am recharging” period afterwards.

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