Say what you want to say….

That song is stuck in my head. It’s been going on in my head since Sunday when I had to reject my friend for movie plans. I had already planned to go for the movie with the cousin, when my friend asked me if we could go on Saturday. And that’s when I suddenly remembered that we had casually, a long time a go, talked about all the movies we would catch together. But the thing is this friend, she’s a mother of 2, rarely gets out of the house and when she does, she’s usually late. So I forgot about it. Plus I have a quota for talking about babies/family/in-laws. It’s usually used up by my sister, I don’t really find that very fun. It’s mostly a reminder of how I am going to die alone eventually and no one will find the body cause it will be eaten by my starving cats.

This friend of mine also keeps saying she wants to arrange a play date for her son and my nephew. Sounds like a great idea, I don’t want to be there though. I mean no offence, as much as my biological clock is ticking,  I don’t have kids, I would like to enjoy the benefits of that, aka I don’t want spend my free time chaperoning 2 toddlers. Plus I have told her she needs to coordinate it with my sister but she doesn’t get it, he’s not my son. I love hanging out with my nephew, but not really in a chaperone role. If I am hanging out with him I would like to be with him, building castles for his toy animals, acting like dinosaurs or whatever he wants to do. What’s the point in hanging out with kids if you can’t pretend you are a T-rex?

Anyway, I have digressed. That song is still playing in my head. I have the SNL video parody of that playing as well. It’s a good song. I should go download it.

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