Business plan

I had a business idea last year. Travel related. I started talking to a few people about it and then it kind of died. Mostly because I was uncertain if there is a market for the service I am thinking of. Was talking to a friend last week about businesses and she’s very keen on starting up something. This idea popped up in my head again. It will probably have little to no capital investment. It would mostly be an investment of time and finding the right market. Getting customers that would be the key. And my plan is to start doing it for free first, to see the response, and then maybe think of generating revenue. I want to do it so that travel becomes more affordable and accessible, and not exactly charge a premium, so I am not sure if that will be a problem. Actually no, I know that will be a problem.

I will also need to establish a presence online and check if there are any licenses  that need to be applied for. But before I get too excited, let me go find out more if my idea would work.

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