Reading goals

I always have  like a long list of books I want to read but when I actually get the time, I forget which titles I thought of. I had some written down on paper even but I think I threw them out.

Got reminded yesterday at my friend’s boyfriend’s place of the books I wanted to read. He had a whole shelf of them. A Clockwork Orange, The Picture of Dorian Gray and Lord of the Flies for now are on the list. Anytime I am bored or losing focus in life, can someone please remind me to go pick up one of these books? I think that should get be back on the right track. Need my escapism, and books are probably second to travel, not to mention much cheaper.

Sadly none of them are available in the library. As much as I love actual books, I think I am warming up to the idea of an e-reader. Convenient and I can just download books. Not it’s an expense I can afford at the moment though. Let’s see.

3 thoughts on “Reading goals

  1. I use the Kindle for Computer on my Laptop and phone..I don’t actually use my ereader very often! I LOVE my paper books, but ebooks are so much easier and lighter lol

    • I know. I can’t seem to read stuff on my phone or laptop. The backlight gives me a headache and feels like I am reading something for work :p If only e-readers were cheaper. Sighs.

      • yeah, I had to start enlarging the test and changing to a sepia colored screen to stop that from happening. a friend of mine has to use pale blue lol

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