Dear Americans…

Dear Americans,

Are Republicans an inside joke/prank that you are pulling on the rest of the world?

I mean seriously neither of them are actually going to become president right? When the elections are over and the votes are in Ashton Kutcher will come on screen and broadcast to the rest of the world that we were all punk’d, and the Republicans were never in the running?

Come on, you can tell me, I’ll keep your secret safe.

I am not the biggest fans of our politicians here, but watching your GOP coverage makes me want to run and kiss my prime minister.

Worried for the state of the world


7 thoughts on “Dear Americans…

  1. Sadly Donald Trump isn’t the scariest person running…which is terrifying!! I tend to vote Republican, as the Democrats usually scare me more lol If I have to pick between Trump & Cruz I would vote Cruz…but I would take the risk of Trump over either of the Democrats.

  2. Trump feeds on the fears, some baseless, but many very real, of the average American. The biggest fears being losing jobs and freedoms/rights and our illegal alien problem. There is no doubt that our political system is broken, but I think it’s broken pretty much everywhere at some level. I watch Australia’s politics and I’m grateful for our crazy system lol And I think we are all thankful we don’t live in North Korea!

    • Yup, definitely thankful that we aren’t in North Korea. Trump is a power hungry, ego maniac. Not unlike dictators. He’s not worried about the American public, just his pride and greed in my opinion. Which is why I worry if he comes into power. But we’ll have to wait and see.

      Australian politicians/political systems are crazy. Yet the community/society/economy there seems to continue on despite of that. Very strange I find. Something in their culture works (this is my biased opinion from having lived there and loving their way of life). They complain about their leaders but think in general they all seem to have a respect for basic humanity which makes it all work.

      • There are many things that I think are overlooked or dramatized for/in/by the media. Again, I don’t think Trump is the best choice, I think the best choices, sadly, have already pulled out of the race.

        T see a lot of comparing the US to other countries and their systems. Most of the time it’s comparing apples to pineapples and trying to convince people they are really compare apples to apples.

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