Thought Flood – 20 March 2016

Oil spatter: It’s not fun. I made dinner today for the family (i.e. my parents and me). I had to fry up some seafood, sounds easy, but jeez, oil spatter is annoying. At first it was small little droplets, nothing crazy. Then I put in the calamari and it was the end of me. My right middle finger and pretty much the whole of my left arm got quite the boiling hot oil shower. It’s nothing crazy, it’s just going to be annoying for a while and hopefully doesn’t leave too much scars.

Marriage: My mom will not stop about the match making thingy. I have already told her that there’s more to life than getting married but she doesn’t give up. Yes sure I want to find someone nice to have and to hold for the rest of my life, but I don’t want to be forced into it. She started the topic today, here’s our conversation (translated from Tamil):

Mom: I know someone looking for a bride for a 37 year old. But he only has a polytechnic diploma so I said no. Need someone more intelligent.

Me: You know a degree isn’t everything, and education doesn’t equal intelligence. A lot of my bosses and successful people I know only have diplomas. 

Mom (excited): So does that mean you are okay with someone with a diploma, he’s a bit old though? 

Me: No, I was making a point about education and intelligence. I am not interested, not because of the education or age, because I don’t want to be match made.

Topic was dropped at that point we had me relieved, but then 10 mins later:

Mom: There’s this lady from block 135 looking for a bride for her son. 

Me: *goes to find large sturdy wall to bang my head on*

Weirdo: I am a weirdo and I know it. Doesn’t bother me too much for the most part. I don’t like being part of the norm anyway. I am worried though that sometimes my crazies get too much for people to handle. The last thing I need in my lonely life is to drive more people away.

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