Dream vs Reality

I dreamt last night that I met Madonna. She was great. In that same dream, I also dreamt that I had a traditionally trained Japanese Ninja boyfriend (he had the Katanas/swords and everything). And he loved to cook by the way. He was in-charge of security for Madonna and her entourage, and I was also there in some work capacity. What function exactly I am not so sure.

It was a nice dream. My Ninja-man was stressed cause he was trying to modernise his personal security business and felt he couldn’t keep up with the younger market players and current trends. And, because I am that awesome 😇, I, kept encouraging him to bring in more of his traditional stuff to his business. And it was great. My idea was flawless, just like me :D, it worked, he became the go-to guy for personal security, and we lived happily ever after. Well we lived happily till I woke up.

I would not have ever thought up this scenario in the concious world. How does my brain come up with this stuff? I remember the dream I had where I became like the PA/manager to an English band and got to travel the world. Like how? Why do you do that sleep brain? To remind me how much reality sucks? Trust me I don’t need that reality check.

Oh well, at least dream-me has a better love and overall life. Maybe somewhere out there in a parallel universe I am living happily ever after with a Ninja.

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