Cardio Killer

It’s supposed to get easier. I am supposed to get used to it, but then again, things rarely turn out how I expect. So I started this new regime about a month ago. I got a cheap cross trainer at home so that I can wake up a bit earlier on weekdays and get 30 mins of cardio before getting to work. It’s just 30 mins, I figured it wouldn’t be too bad.

Firstly do note that I took a break from this regime when I went to Cambodia and my sleeping times got out of whack, so it hasn’t been like a whole month continuous.

The actual exercise part is getting better/easier. It’s the waking up at 5.20am that’s killing me. It’s supposed to feel routine by now. This morning, I nearly didn’t wake up. My alarm rang, I woke up with a headache and stuffy nose, and every fibre in my body said go back to sleep till 6 . Today I fought it and got myself up for 30 mins of cardio that quite frankly I am not sure adds any value to my fitness/health. It should be better than not doing anything at all right?

I got to keep going. Lets hope tomorrow and the days after that, my hazy brain manages to fight the heart/body to get that my ass out of bed for some exercise.

My sleep/insomnia issues are back, and that doesn’t help either. Making it hard to feel rested. I end up at work like a zombie. On the plus side today, I got a free Venti drink at Starbucks. My positive for the day.

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