Long term relationships

I was thinking about relationships. Especially for those who met their husbands/wives/partners in their early 20s. Well basically all my friends. Even if they got married in their mid to late 20s, most of them met their partners a few years prior to that. Must be pretty great to have someone that knows and has been there for such a formative part of their lives. Like besides their childhood, they know everything about each other. Someone like me, who’s turning 30, I’ll never have that. If I were to meet someone tomorrow, we both would have like a good part of our lives that we had without each other in it. There won’t be any, “remember when we were at uni” kind of stories. A little sad, but….

Then I thought, if I did meet someone tomorrow, imagine all the stories we would have to swap. So much catch up. It would be fun don’t you think? Learning a little more about each other, staying up sharing experiences, comparing notes. Like the story of me trying to rescue a baby plover, but getting attacked by the parents instead. Or the one about the dying bat. Or my ghost story from when I was working late at the hotel. Someone to listen to all the crazies and cuddle up with at night, how awesome would that be? But…

Then I thought, chill bro. I mean really who am I trying to kid? Look at the title, I have never been in one. No one has ever wanted to be in one with me. I better start typing up those stories to post on this blog. Or practice to tell them to my cats. Or maybe just find a way to be content reminiscing about things by myself. If I hear one more time from one of my coupled up friends that it must be great to be single, I just might tell them to go fuck themselves. Which would be kind of ironic, given I’m that spends my nights alone.


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