Siem Reap

I went to Cambodia last week. Specifically Siem Reap. It was a 4 day tip and it was beautiful. So much history, culture and people were just amazing.

I can’t talk about Angkor Wat without talking about Angkor Wat and the surrounding temples. Angkor Wat is quite a sight. We walked around the ruins for over 2 hours and it felt like it had been 30 mins. I have to say though, I preferred the quieter temples away from the hordes of tourists. Climbing the steep eroded stairs were a challenge though. There was 1 temple Ta Keo, which was beautiful but coming down those stairs I was so sure I was going to fall to my death. All I was thinking was thank God I bought travel insurance. Ta Prohm, the temple tomb raider was shot at was beautiful too but very crowded.

Top of Angkor Wat


At Ta Keo – I was sucked into the posing


A quiet temple that I forgot the name of


And then there was the cooking and oil paint classes we took under Backstreet Academy. They run programmes that help give back to the local community and have a presence across Asia. Do take a look if you are travelling and want to something other than sight-seeing .

First the cooking class. It was fun to learn the ropes from a local. But man she made me do the heavy lifting, probably cause of my um stature. She gave the fatty the tough stuff basically, and a frilly apron. A very frilly apron.

The utensils/cookware were very old school, boy did I miss my knives at home but overall it was a great experience. That me making dessert – sticky rice with jackfruit and below that is the rest of our lunch which we cooked.



Then there was the oil painting class. I hated art in school, I sucked at it. I got peer pressured into doing the class but my picture turned out okay (mine’s the elephant in the middle).


Besides those experiences, we spent most night at the night market/pub street. It’s a bustling little area with upmarket restaurants, bar and shops, mixed in with less upscale food carts and street vendors.




There are also massage shops and spas. I really recommend Khmer Relief Spa. I walked out of that place feeling like a new woman. And they end your session with tea and fruit (please excuse the bad picture quality). 

We travelled most places by Tuk-Tuk, which was quite an experience. Ladies, if the road looks bumpy and you are getting in a tuk-tuk, wear a sports bra. The girls will thank you. I was so sure I was going to get slapped in the face by one of them by the end of the trip. Oh and 1 night our tuk-tuk got stuck in some soft sand by the road, we had to get down and push it. It was fun.

Weather in Siem Reap in February was pretty nice. Well it was super hot during the day but mornings and nights were perfect.

I am looking forward to going back. Siem Reap is definitely worth more than 1 visit.


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