Stinking sushi

Have been feeling a little shit lately. And 1 of the 2 things I was counting down to will be over in 7 hours, the other in less than 2 weeks. After that, nothing. Nothing exciting to look forward to. Ladies and gentleman that is my life.

So I decided sushi. I shall got have sushi. Nothing better that having lunch alone after having a coffee catch up session alone the day before. I went to the restaurant. I was told there was an at least 30 mins wait. Probably 45 mins for a table of 1. I figure they would rather seat couples of parties of 3, brings in more revenue per table.

No problem. Went to the supermarket to get takeaway sushi. They replaced the regular sushi with CNY crap (CNY=Chinese New Year). Sushi was next to the cheese section so I figured, I’ll have crackers with one of those flavoured soft cheeses. Nope, no luck, out of stock. Bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon, my 4th option. Again bagels replaced by CNY shit. Dejected I decided to get fries from MacDonald’s. Macca’s fries, that’s the kind of food your drown your sorrows in. Not luck again. Half of Singapore seemed to be in that MacDonald’s. No freaking fries for me. I saw an empty dessert counter and ended up getting a McFlurry. I had cheap ice cream for lunch. I didn’t even enjoy it.

Yes I know, first world problems and shit. But seriously when nothing excites you anymore, it’s hard. I feel like I am PMSing all month long, which can’t be right.


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