Feeling blobby

I wonder if anyone else experiences blob. To me it’s a feeling when you sit and take stock of life and realise everyone around you looks good, is in happy relationships, making waves in their career and don’t eat their feelings. And then there you are, in a job where is benefits are great but is so boring you are afraid there might be a day you doze off in the office, no love life or social life for that matter and horribly overweight but still stuffing your face with cake. Blob. You are (in this case, I am) just a fat ugly blob in existence.

My life now is broken into timelines, for now I am telling myself I have to make it to the upcoming Chinese New Year long weekend. After that to my Cambodia trip. But after that? It’s a bit sad to live life like this but I don’t know what else to do. Just taking it day by day.


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