Thought Flood – 28 Jan 2016

Work: I have never felt the Chinese-ism of the workplace more. They speaking in Chinese and justify it by saying their English isn’t good. What kind of company hires people that can’t speak English well and can primarily speak only Chinese? If the tables were turned and I could only speak Tamil properly, I wouldn’t stand a chance. The concept of privilege or subtle racism, can’t think of a better example. And it’s not like we are based in China. This is Singapore where the first language is English. And my Tamil isn’t fantastic but I can speak it pretty decently. My Tamil is much better than the English of the bloody woman today who took like 20 mins to tell me that 5 items identified for a re-labelling job were missing. And no, I am not that bad with names, all of you are small, Chinese with straight black hair, I just can’t tell you cheenas apart. Argh.

Social life: Update – I don’t need one. I did the math, with Netflix I think I am sorted till I am about 45 (at least) for a social life. I am loving the series Derek. Discusses real issues and contains dry/sarcastic humour (and makes me feel like crying too sometimes). My cousin and my mom have said they feel that 2016 is the year I get into a relationship, well they were right. Me and Netflix will live happily ever after. Well as long as there is an internet connection at least.

Weekend: I got to do a few things this weekend. 1 go for a walk/jog. 2 bake. That’s the plan for now. Let’s hope it all goes according to plan.

Babies: Spent time with the new nephew today, he was born on the 4th this month. I think I like babies from 0-1 years old. They are cute. Of course this might be my ovaries speaking. Tick Tock.


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