Thought Flood – 26 Jan 2016

Time of year: It’s that time of year again. Chinese New Year (CNY) is upon us, queue the ching ching chang music and annoying lion dances everywhere. Oh and the pain inducing Chinese CNY songs. What makes it worse this year is that the stupid Valentine’s stuff has started too. 29th Valentine alone. But maybe I shouldn’t concede yet, there are still a few weeks, I might have a valentine. Yeah right. Who needs one anyway now that I have Netflix. :D

Exes that turn to BFFs: I was thinking about a friend of mine and how she, her husband and her family maintain a close relationship with the ex and his wife. I don’t get that. I understand being amicable after breaking up, but best friends, no. You give someone your all and then some, if it ends, it can’t be because of something trivial. Maintaining a casual friendship or “acquaintance-ship” okay, not best friends. I don’t get how she does it. Maybe because I haven’t been in that situation? I don’t know.

There’s more going on in the head but shall stop now. Need sleep.


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