Facebook messenger

I finally downloaded Facebook messenger on my phone. Yes I know I am the last person on the planet to do so. I downloaded it once, found it really annoying and deleted it. I downloaded it again today after one of my friends kept messaging me and I think I won’t delete it this time. I was trying to figure out why I was so against having it on my phone and I realises the fact of the matter is I just didn’t one to have one more messaging app sitting in my phone that I didn’t get any messages on. Such is life.


2 thoughts on “Facebook messenger

  1. I never have downloaded messaging aps to my phone because I use to have a flip phone. I prefer them to the so called smart phones since they don’t dial people unless you want them dialed and I don’t need security codes or locks to keep them from doing so. I had to upgrade to a so called smart phone. I hate them. So if this phone dies I will be content to not carry the world with me anymore and enjoy my solitude.

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