Faith not expectation

A conversation today left me thinking about how I have ended up in a state of faith not expectation.

What state is that you may ask. Well in hospitality and customer service, there’s this concept of managing expectation. Often we are used to doing it in a work capacity and may not apply for life in general.

Here’s the thing, I have learnt throughout my twenties not to have expectations on things you can’t control. This includes the the universe/God, other people’s behaviour, even the ones closest to you. Sometimes we get upset with friends for example for not returning favours. Expecting them to return favours or be there for you is an expectation on someone you have no control over. Or sometimes you think, I am a good person why do I have such bad luck? That’s an expectation on the universe.

Have expectations on people is a dangerous thing. Expectations lead to, often times huge disappointments. Very few people love you unconditionally. I am lucky to have 2 such people in my life, my parents. Very lucky. Even romantic relationships, they don’t start out unconditional. They start out very conditional in fact. So basically yes, I am saying, no to expections beyond our control.

And yes, living like that can make you a cynic. But that’s were faith comes in. You need to have faith in God, the universe, and your relationships. Just don’t get too frustrated when things don’t go the way you want to. Have to hold on to the hope and faith that it’s all part of the bigger picture.

All that mumbo jumbo being said, trying to live like that is much easier said than done. It’s tough and often lonely, I find, but that’s the way it is. I will figure this out. I am after all just a work in progress.


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