Thought Flood – 9 Jan

Finances: Yesterday I came up with a plan to save as much as I cam and minimise unnecessary spending. I wrote up a mini financial plan and all. Today I went shopping splurging when I should be saving. But in my defense, it was a really pretty dress.

Shoes: Speaking of shopping, I have to apologise to the world now. Well with my new job, I need to walk 30-40 minutes per way in order to get too and from work. I really need to invest in a good pair of work shoes. I might get, brace yourself, crocs. Yes I know I have dissed the brand before but I might concede and get their plain black flats. This one though I have to think about.

Communication: Video chats/conversations are actually fun. And you don’t realise time flying by. Should do it more often.


2 thoughts on “Thought Flood – 9 Jan

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