Supposed I said, you’re my saving grace

Double points if you know what song those lyrics are from. It’s been one of those nights/mornings. I am probably just cranky because I haven’t slept properly since I was on holiday. Last night was especially bad.

Anyway so if you have talked to me lately you would realise I am really plagued with doubt as to whether I will be successful in the new job. I took it because it was a good opportunity and for the money, no other reason. Below is what Richard Branson thinks about that. He’s on my side. I feel better now about the decision I made. I can do this. And if I can’t for some reason, I know I gave it my all.


Here’s another quote, that I found last night that resonated with me. Especially in this time with social media and so many people trying to assert their thoughts on others, I wish more agreed with it.


Okay last one. I promise. Sometimes when you feel like you can’t get through to someone or feel at a loss because you don’t know how to help, say a friend going through a terrible time, or you try and help a situation and it doesn’t pay off, need to keep in mind the following:


Hope everyone has a great day/night.


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