New Year – 2015 to 2016

New years used to be my favourite holiday. It used to the holiday of hope. Hence I would be bustling with excitement on the year ahead. Well that ship has sailed. Year after year of the same shit has left me pretty cynical. It’s just another bloody day/night.

I learnt a lot of things in 2015. Especially about people and the relationships around me. My one take away is that while no man is an island, the reality of the situation is the some of us have to learn to live that way. We need to learn to accept life/a future alone. And it’s not so bad, lonely but it can still be fulfilling.

Looking ahead at 2016, I am not sure if the pessimist in me is acting up but I feel like 2016 isn’t going to be great. I just have a bad feeling. I do have a 1 thing I need to do next year if nothing else, I need to learn to go to the movies alone. I think then I am set. I might start this weekend. Let’s see. Looking forward to travels in 2016 though, hopefully my plans come through.

Now as the nation gears up to celebrate and countdown to the new year, please excuse me while I get into bed for a good night’s sleep.

To everyone who is still keeping the hope alive, I hope your 2016s turn out better then you dream of.


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