Bored at Work – Dating Thought

Everytime I want a hug or kiss from the nephew, if he isn’t readily giving them, I bribe him saying I’ll give him chocolate or a toy or something.

Wonder if that will work on grown men. See a guy I like and offer to buy him a cupcake, in return for affection/a hug. Not sure if I should try that or try walking around with a sandwich bored saying “single and bored”. One of it should work right? :D


9 thoughts on “Bored at Work – Dating Thought

  1. LOL, buy him food, in a way life and society is set up to be that way already. As men we provide things, things I call false bait, women go for it and things happen.
    Flipside, women do things to get men.
    Oh, what you mention as well is a love language, I think service is the one of the 5.

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