Walking against the wind

We all have bad days, that’s normal. Today was one for me. I had a high tea planned with my mom and my sister. Food turned out to be not great and my sister was in a grumpy mood. My mom didn’t like the spread at all. Sometimes you try and do a nice thing and crap just explodes on your face.

I also left the house with my new skirt and feeling all pretty and high tea-ish. That got shot down by the sister saying the skirt was too flowy and looks too big. I liked the flowy-ness, I have not owned anything like that before. And it looks big because well I am big. Not like the aim of the game is to be a size 16 but look like a size 8.

Anyway after my “failed” day, I decided to stop by the library. My place of zen. Had a haircut scheduled, figured I would get a book to help me pass the 90 mins or so my hair would take. I went to the library. Calm took over. Not sure if it’s the quiet or the effect of being surrounded by books (which is why I am still not totally sold on e-readers). I even managed to find the book I was looking for. Happy. And then I went to borrow it. I didn’t have my card with me. It’s with my sister. I forgot to check. Sighs.

The way my day is going, who knows, maybe my hair will accidentally get half shaved off.

No breaks were caught today. There’s always tomorrow.


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