The Past Week

To say that this past week was eventful would be quite an understatement. And I haven’t even been at work at all this past week. Here’s a summary:

  • Deepavali – Lots of good food and I got to bake for it which made me happy. My cookies turned out a bit softer than usual. I also made a strawberry cake, it didn’t turn out exactly how I envisioned. I think the strawberry flavouring I added was too strong. But on the bright side it was pink! I also found an orange cupcake recipe that is easy and was so yummy. You know your cupcakes are a hit when someone messages to ask you for the recipe. It’s ridiculously easy and not from a box.
  • Cirque du Soleil – I went for their show here “Totem”. By the name you would have guessed it had a Native American theme. While the show was very entertaining I am not sure about the way it was done. Commercialising a culture in a way I am sure isn’t accurate didn’t sit well with me or my friend I was there with. Now that is a prime example of cultural appropriation. Speaking of which, if your argument for cultural appropriation includes  Taylor Swift wearing a Kimono, I think you don’t get the point, just do us all a favour and shut up. Yup I am talking to you younger millennials/Gen Y.
  • Catch up with the cousin – We discussed Europe and while that is exciting, I have a big thing that is not so exciting, packing. I hate packing. Seriously. You guys have no idea. Plus I am trying really hard to pack light this trip but by nature I am someone who likes to have all my bases covered so it’s going to be interesting.
  • Endings – So, my grandmother died Sunday night. The running around for the funeral and stuff has left me beat. Work only gave me 2 days off. All my other cousins, that didn’t move their asses or do anything much for the funeral (or when she was alive) get 5 days. I am a little annoyed with that. I feel like the universe has failed me. I really need 1 more day tomorrow to recuperate (I have fallen sick too) but nope, I have to go into work. Also the extra day would have helped, cause with the craziness of this this past 2 days, I am not sure I got enough time to manage my feelings/emotions about what has happened. It’s funny how you think you are all mentally & emotionally prepared for something like this and then when it happens, you realise it still sucks. I will probably blog more about this soon. Was going to tonight, but time got the better of me.

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