I got really fed up with one of my new coworkers today. Not that new, she joined the team 2 months ago. And she joined the company ages ago. She’s supposed to come around and learn stuff from the rest of us before starting her weekend duty this week. Her duty has already been pushed back 3 weeks because she was slow in coming round/learning. So the plan was for her to sit with me last Tuesday (27 Oct) so that she can be briefed and start practicing stuff. I reminded her last week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to make time. Then I gave up. This morning I reminded her that she only has 2 days to practice if she sits down with me today. Most of us had to shadow our other teammates for 2 weeks before barely getting up to speed. She has done about 2 days.

Anyway so at 4.45pm (I end work at 6) this happened:

Me: Char, it’s nearly the end of the day, you haven’t come over to discuss exception handling, I’ll need at least an hour since we have no more time to space it out over a few days. 

Her (extremely loud and animated, like it was the end of the world): I got a damaged cold shipment! 

To be fair to her here, it is quite a bad thing if a temperature sensitive shipment gets damaged.

Me: Is this first time you are dealing with a damage or temperature excursion? 

Her: No.

Me: Where’s the shipment now?

Her: It’s been delivered

Me: Have you informed the customer of the damage? 

Her: Yes.

Me: Did they make a fuss?

Her: No.

Me: Have you opened an investigation?

Her: Yes.

Me: Is there anything else you can do for this shipment at this stage? 

Her: No.

Me: So why not instead of getting grumbling about that over and over again, we sit down to discuss what we were supposed to last week? You need to learn to move on and focus on what needs to be done instead of wasting time and energy on something that you can’t change.

She didn’t look happy. She said she need a short break and will come to me. She took a 20 min smoke break.

On hindsight I feel that I may have been a bit harsh. Was I? But then I think at that point she had repeated the damaged shipment incident to about 5 people so exaggeratedly (would have wasted an hour), I was annoyed. Eye on the prize people, eye on the prize. Why waste time on distractions when you’re already struggling with time management issues? It just doesn’t make sense to me.


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