Thought Flood – 12 Oct 2015

Couldn’t sleep, loads of thoughts whirling around in my head so thought I would do one of these.

Future home: Probably because I am binge watching The Block but I have been thinking a lot of the dream home. Ideally it’ll be a loft, with the kitchen and  living area on level 1 and a spacious bedroom on top. Given I am from this craptown, that’s unlikely to happen. But a girl can dream, maybe one day I will get the chance to move. Hopefully to Australia (again a product of watching The Block and missing Australia).

People: As in people around you. They tend to forget you when they are happy don’t they? Wonder if I am guilty of doing that, probably am, I am a horribly flawed human. I shall watch to try and make sure I don’t. But then again I always walk around depressed, so me happy, oh well.

Work: The whole mess that is work is keeping me up. They’re going to shuffle accounts, well my accounts because one more of my team mates is leaving. They change up would keep help with the boredom at work but I am annoyed they didn’t even bother to ask me first. And they want to give, my account to the newbie, who’s kind of useless. It’s going to add to the work load, cause I am going to have to babysit my current account while learning the new one. Mess.


One thought on “Thought Flood – 12 Oct 2015

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