Thought Flood – 2nd October

Looks: You know how there are some really good looking people that don’t consider themselves attractive. I mean the genuine ones, not the skinny bitches that go around saying, I’m so fat. I wonder if they don’t see themselves as good looking because knowledge of that would be too much power for 1 person. And they may use it for evil.

Patented characters: My previous post mentions Sam the seal and Penny the penguin. If I see those characters anyway in the future I will find you and sue your. They are copyright of me as of 2015.

Mom: My mother gashed her toe open while going to bathe the nephew. She wanted to walk it off, said it didn’t hurt. This was at the time her whole toe was soaked in blood. Ended up needing 2 stitches in the end.

Weekend plans: Mine kind of fell through. Hopefully I will find other things


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