Toddler Troubles

I was tasked with putting my 2 year old nephew to sleep tonight. And I did it. I have put him to sleep a million times when he was an infant (0-10 months old), but those times were different. At that time he couldn’t walk/talk/protest. Tonight I was handed a kicking and screaming little person that clearly didn’t want me to putting him to sleep, and I managed to calm him down in like 30 secs. I felt like it was an achievement. Though it took what felt like 14 hours of story telling to finally get him to sleep (it was about half hour). Sam the seal and Penny the penguin were created (they’re mates from the same hood), and I had to tell that really boring (yes I created it and I was bored) story 3 times. And the cheeky bugger who loves to mess with me, kept acting like he was asleep to see what I would do. To the point when he actually fell asleep I wasn’t sure if he was just playing.

I did it. I know you parents out there are rolling your eyes thinking, I do it every night. Well it’s different when it’s not your kid. I am taking this as a win for the week. I do think my sinnama (that’s what he’s supposed to call me, sounds like cinnamon with the n at the end) duties are over for a while though.


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