Joke in the Box

A friend and I were discussing attraction, as in finding someone attractive and stuff. And to convey his point, because I work in logistics, he used the example of a box/packaging. He likened some that is great looking but has no substance in terms of character and/or intellect as a very nice packaging, with nothing of value inside. You get the picture right? While having this conversation, it was ascertained that in the dating world, I am a box that is hidden and on an unreachable shelf gathering dust. I was messing around but it does feel that way sometimes.

So anyway towards the end of the work day, I thought of this conversation and was thinking about what kind of “packaging” best represents me. You know how I have mentioned previously that I feel that God & the universe like to play jokes on me? Right as I was thinking about that, I glanced slightly to the right (away from my screens for a breather, and yes screens, I work on dual screens), I saw a box there as if it was the answer. A Jumbo. The larger Jumbo at that. That box had no reason to be there other than to mock me. Even the universe makes fat jokes. Who knew. :D


4 thoughts on “Joke in the Box

  1. As long as you laugh at it. So what you’re saying is you’re looking for a nice package? I don’t know how well that idiom transfers. You have fine substance, Anita. You’ll find a guy that’s a nice package with good substance.

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