The Plan

I like plans. If you know me you know that I am the person with who has a plan B for my back up plan’s contingency. Not saying I can’t do spontaneous, I do go nuts sometimes but mostly even my time & place to be spontaneous is planned. :D You get the point I am guessing.

Anyway my life has been mostly plans based on goals, so far. However right now there is no plan. Work, isn’t going how I thought it would, and well I have gotten myself into quite a bit of a state because my life revolves largely around work. There’s honestly nothing else going to focus my attention on. Previously at least, I could tell myself I am working towards a Master’s, now that’s done. Need to start researching a PhD.

I also was dead set and researching all avenues of working overseas. But sometime early this year I gave up on that, after realising how no country wants immigrants and how costly it would be to get a professional migration specialist’s help.

Love life, yeah, just not happening is it? Sometimes I am like I should just shut up and tell my parents to set me up. Honestly if I do agree to an arranged marriage, A. no guarantee that mom will find someone that wants to marry me, B. he might turn out to be pretty decent, C. if he turns out to be an asshole as most men do, I can use that to tell my parents to never bring up the topic of marriage again. Maybe if they choose the guy, they will let me have my dream wedding. Which is basically in my case, is no wedding at all. Haha, right. Like that will happen in an Indian household. I still want to meet someone on my own terms though. I am prepared to wait, I’ll take my chances. But getting tired of the parents telling me that I am missing out on life. Argh.

Anyway I have told myself that to get out of the current “funk” I am in, I am going to throw myself into Eurotrip mode till December. I might annoy the cousin with this cause she’s busy but too bad. If you read this and groan cuz, too bad, you’ll miss my annoyances once you move next year anyway :p. After that I will just focus on work and keep a look out for other opportunities. I want to stay in the company until the 18 month mark though to see if I can possibly move to another entity (i.e. another country) within the brand. I have heard it’s tough but might as well give it a shot, right?

I am also going to get my driving license. A little broke at the moment for that, but I am going to sign up for the theory test this weekend and hopefully I will get a test date right after my trip.

I will probably lose focus of this in a while when I am in an even lower mood so thought I should put it down somewhere as a frame of reference.


6 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. Here for you, but I know how much it sucks. There was a Bible study I went to, and I was asked what I wanted God to provide for my life. I’m like, a wife, some kids, and a quaint house. Nothing over the top. She said I could dream bigger, there’s no end to what God provides. At 32 I’m like, woman, I still don’t have the family and we discussed this a decade ago.

    Hope you find some focus and that the plan works out. And that work sucks less. And move to Milwaukee. We can be miserable together, eating ice cream while watching melancholy waves.

    • Yes totally get that feeling. It’s funny how we are told to dream bigger. For me anyway I am at the point where I am like, the little dreams don’t happen why waste energy on larger ones right?
      Maybe I will move to Milwaukee. I will move anywhere that I can get a job. I’ll happily be a waitress or something too. Or you can move to Singapore. Weather here allows for ice cream eating all year round, 24/7 :D Hope both our lives get a little more exciting soon.

      • I don’t think I could handle the work load :P I didn’t realize there was a country out there that could make the US look relaxed. And what do you mean you can’t eat ice cream here year long? When it’s -30, just means it won’t melt :D

        Never stop on your big dreams. ^_^ My big dreams are novels, hitting it big in writing. I’m going to do it! Believe it! Ahem…anyway.

      • True, I did eat ice cream even on winter nights in Australia (about 0 degrees). I guess you’re right. My PhD is probably my big dream. Seems a bit unattainable now but I will work on it. And you have to become a big time author with movie/TV deals. Just so I can tell people, I was reading your blog before you got famous. :D

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