Feeling Me

I am feeling me tonight. Don’t know how to explain it. It’s a good feeling. Quite the opposite of what I was feeling a week-ish ago.

Strange that I am in such a good mood despite the fact that tomorrow morning when I wake up I am going to go into an awkward situation at work tomorrow. I don’t know whether I attribute the mood to the realisation that has set in today that under 3 months from now I will get to experience a cooking class in Tuscany.

I was also listening and lip syncing/dancing (well more like bobbing) to songs from the early 2000s. That put me in a good mood. But made me realise, God I am old. Alicia Key’s You Don’t Know My Name came out in 2003, 12 years ago. I was in junior college.

And this song popped up. I like that song. Because I have no one to dedicate it to. I shall dedicate it to myself and go to sleep. That is all.


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