Thought Flood – 25 Sep 2015

Sister: Being the younger one in the family, there’s this view that you don’t know anything. Doesn’t matter that I am 29, have 2 degrees (both with distinction, in case anyone is wondering :p), 6 years of work experience among other things. My opinions/arguments are also shot down. Today for the first time that I remember, my sister let me have the last word. I didn’t really “win” the discussion (we both had very opposing views on asylum seekers), but it really was a first for me. Maybe she realised how passionate I was on the topic or maybe she just gave up. Either way, works for me.

Lizard Curse: Remember the lizard from the previous 2 posts? I slipped and fell in the shower today. Pretty bad fall. I am sure the stupid lizard had something to do with it. Hopefully I didn’t pull/twist/crack/sprain something and it’s just bruised. I could have broken my head, it was that bad.

Haze:It was really bad today. I had to wear a mask. And my throat and nose are just not 100%

Lambs: I was really stressed at work and I checked my phone and I had received a photo of a lamb. It was the following picture. Soooo cute, it calmed me down. Thank you Vanessa. Actually I am not sure if I am allowed to post this picture as it wasn’t taken by me. I will take it down if the owner sees this post and asks me to.


Goldfishes:Apparently bacon holds their attention. Got to test this out sometime.

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