Thought Flood – 24 Sep 2015

Murder: I accidentally drowned a gecko/lizard. Those things are gross and annoying and I hate them yet I don’t really want to see them dead. I was in the shower and a tiny one came out from nowhere and drowned in the little puddle that formed. Bad enough I killed it, what do you do with a dead lizard? Thank God I could just call my dad. This is the second time I am accidentally murdering a gecko. The first time was worse (it was boiled).

Work: I am still thinking about whether what I did to handle a work situation was the right thing to do. I got into it with my programme manager, Jack, quite bad. I stubbornly stood my ground after which he sent me an email. If he had just discussed the issue and our disagreement on that I would have been fine. It’s how he ended it that I was unhappy with. Didn’t like what he was implying. I forwarded it to my department head. It was a move to protect my self interests but it definitely will affect my relationship with Jack. Now I keep getting unsolicited advice from my team supervisors on how to handle the situation but I don’t want to aggravate things further.

Air-con: Decided to sleep with the aircon tonight given the haze being at hazardous levels. I don’t do well sleeping in air-conditioning, usually just prefer the fan, wonder how I am going to go tonight.

Life: It’s kind of stagnant right now, sick of it. I have signed up for a lot more volunteer opportunities but no one’s calling me.

Phone: I pre-ordered my new phone. It’s the new Sony Z5 Compact. I  very brand loyal to Sony. Super excited to get it (in 4 long weeks), but also super broke now till my next pay day.

Dad: I came home late from work on Wednesday night all bent out of shape with the issue I was having at work. He asked why I was late, and as the only person around, I was going to pour my frustrations out to him. I started saying “I am having a problem with my programme manager…”. He cut me off immediately saying “there’s no problem, you are the problem”. Dad’s always been a tough love kind of guy but this was a bit much. Tonight he was having some major issues with work and was trying to coordinate stuff. He was stressed, started explaining to me about the stupid he needs to deal with. It was at the tip of my tongue “there’s no problem, you are the problem”. But I didn’t. :D

Mom: She’s in Sydney visiting her sister. But she made sure everything was fully stocked before she left, especially foodwise. Like pantry/frozen food that won’t go bad. Biscuits, frozen pizza, peanut butter, etc. If there’s a zombie apocalypse, please come over to my place. I think 3-4 of us should be able to survive for a month on the stocks.

Instagram: I love instagram. Use it mostly as a virtual scrapbook then as a social media/networking thingy. But they are introducing ads. Why instagram, why?


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