Why I am still single

I don’t understand relationship/attraction logic. Was catching up with my friend who disappeared for a while. Thought it was because he was stressed and going through financial difficulty at work. Turns out no, he got a girlfriend. What’s new right? People only are good friends with you until they get into relationships. After that your value as a friend drops.

Anyway he was complaining about his new girlfriend being demanding. Apparently she asks for presents. Latest one is a diamond ring. He’s obviously going through financial trouble, as his girlfriend don’t you try to help ease the stress and not add to it by asking for something like a diamond ring. But what do I know, she’s the one in a relationship.

She’s not talking to him because he hasn’t bought her the ring. He can’t afford to. I told him she’s not worth it. Sounds like a self absorbed princess to me. But he didn’t want to talk about it (below). He probably ended up placating her instead of telling her to take a hike. Love, so blind and so dumb.


I don’t know why but that conversation reminded me of the following Pink song – Stupid Girls. It’s a fun video, if you haven’t heard of the song and have time to kill watch it.


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