Perfect union

I love oreos, who doesn’t? But I only like the cookies. The icing I normally remove when I have them. I don’t like the white sugary stuff.

You know what else every one loves? Nutella. Basically tonight, I am thinking how nice it would be it they sold a pack of oreos, sans white icing, with a little tub of nutella.

What a marriage it would be. I would attend that wedding happily. Just need 2 competitors Ferrero and Kraft (yes I know they are called Mondelez now), to work together. I suppose I don’t need them to officially do that. I could just buy a pack of oreos and a bottle of nutella and do it myself.

The saddest part of this story, I have neither at home. Hopefully I find some other junk food, need to eat my emotions tonight.


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