Corporate politics

I got caught in a political situation at work today. And I think with the whole restructuring it’s going to get worse. 1 email that I sent for clarification ended up as a controversial one, upset people. And I only sent it under the instruction of my supervisor. She ended up looking up like the one that “fixed” the situation, and me the bad guy. My only hope is that people don’t get distracted by the crap and evaluate me based on the actual quality of my work. Well if they don’t I guess it’s their loss, they’ll just end up losing a committed/dedicated, hardworking employee. At the end of the day my client is happy and that’s what matters. And this is without any unnecessary (I think it’s unnecessary anyway) sucking/kissing up to anyone.

I know playing office politics well can get you far quickly but I really don’t like being distracted by that. Got to focus on producing the best quality of work. Oh well I am me, can’t change that.


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