Drunk thought flood

I’ve been in Bangkok the last couple of days and alcohol is cheap here, hence the drunk part.

-Final night of my trip. What a way to end it on a bar on the 83rd floor of a hotel, with the rain hitting the window like tears with Sam Smith playing in the background, sipping my Tequila Sunrise, watching the world go by. Emo yet great setting. The only thing that could have been better was if I was alone or with someone else. I am a little sick of my travel buddy. Next point.

-Travel buddies, please pick them carefully. So far I only have 1 I know I am totally okay with. The cousin. I have my uni friend too but it’s been a while we holidayed together.

-Getting a guy’s attention. I was wondering that at the roof lounge. Like what do you do if you see someone you like. Smiling and/or polite conversation won’t work will it? I was thinking of one particular maneuver but I won’t post it here. Besides I don’t hang out at bars, I am pretty invisible anywhere I go anywhere. To the point a guy, walked/slammed into me on a fairly empty street today. He was a big, built dude, it was like I walked into a wall.

-Bangkok, it’s a spiritual capital filled with friendly people. I will do a full post on it soon.

-A cat. It’s a larger thought just not going to elaborate.


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