Food itinerary

I see the world and various from the stand point of food. Tell me a country/place and I will start dreaming in terms of the food. So here’s a list of things I want to have on my Europe trip.


  • Fondue – both the chocolate and cheese kind
  • A proper french meal
  • Rosti


  • Sachertorte – I think the cousin will like this
  • Schnitzel
  • Mozartkugel – Just don’t as me to pronounce it
  • Apple or some form of Strudel


  • Pizza (various kinds)
  • Pasta (all kinds)
  • Tiramisu – Not normally a fan, but how do you not have in in Italy?
  • Gelato – I know I am going in winter, I don’t care :p

In all 3 countries

  • Coffee – Viennese coffee and Italian coffee, come on, I am not going to get any sleep
  • Wine – I have to, to counteract the coffee :D
  • Breads/pastries

I am going to eat my way through Europe.

Shall warm up in Thailand in 2 weeks with tom yum and mango sticky rice.


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